Many decades from now when my eyes close on this crazy, gorgeous adventure of life, I want to know in my deepest bones what it felt like to be alive.

This is why I take pictures.

Random Things You Probably Should Know Before We Work Together:

  1. I LOVE COFFEE. I might be shouting because I've had too much. 

  2. I've accidentally killed 23/28 succulents in the last 10 years. 

  3. Everything is better with butter. Ok, almost everything.

  4. I learned how to drive a stickshift in a big field in Colorado on a double-clutch truck when I was 20 while feeding herds of horses. We stopped a lot.

  5. I stopped watching Grey's Anatomy because it made me cry too hard, waaaay before McDreamy left the scene. Womp womp.

  6. Speaking of trucks, I have a thing for F350s. Big black ones.

  7. I once tried to learn the cello. Now I just play the dashboard when I'm in traffic.

  8. I have a pony named Joshua. We share a birthday. 

  9. I read the 7th Harry Potter book in 23 hours straight. Clearly, this was before kids.

  10. I've been a horse trainer, a radio DJ, a stromboli maker, a barista, a grocery store clerk, an agency exec, an athletic trainer, a graphic designer, a photographer, an event producer, a podcast interviewer, a commercial voice over artist, and nothing is harder or better than being a momma.

(thanks to my soul sister  Lara Agnew  for this moment!)

(thanks to my soul sister Lara Agnew for this moment!)

A little more about me:

I'm a momma (to a sassafrass of a little boy who has my entire heart), wife to an amazingly patient midwestern gent, a lover of coffee (possibly addicted?), running, ponies, Rilke and Rumi, dogs, kindness, chickens, and ice cream. Specifically black raspberry with dark chocolate chips. I was born and raised in Philadelphia, and started shooting on a polaroid cool cam in 1988.

I’ve had lots of different jobs, and a few different careers, and at least for now, one calling: helping others to see the magic and joy in their own lives through my images.

I took a long, adventurous, very winding road to discover how much my heart beats for the simple and the true - the kinds of stories that unfold in our lives every day, that we savor the best for years afterward because they feel like our truest selves.

I want the images we capture of your life and your loves to remind you what it felt like to be alive together in those moments.

I love working with families and couples to savor the big stories and all the little truths in between - from the anticipation and excitement of your engagement session to the arrival of a new little one.

I work with brands and small business owners too, capturing the essence of who you are, what you do, and why you do it - with the same simple, intimate, candid approach I use for my work with families and couples.

If you're looking for a photographer to capture something posed, I'm probably not the one for you. If you're looking for someone to help you savor those real, connected, take-your-breath-away-at-their-simple-loveliness moments, let's chat!