If I’ve learned anything on this journey,
it’s that we don’t have to walk this creative path solo.

Coaching for Creatives (and yes! Photographers too!)

When I was first starting out, I was so lucky to have incredible coaches and mentors - photographers, writers, really creative humans. These men and women encouraged and pushed me, and still do. A good coach helps you see the next right step clearly, and pushes you to trust your own creative instincts - right to where all the magic really happens. I’ve got 15 years of experience running creative businesses (including my own photography business), and 37.5 years on the planet as a creative soul, and I’m so excited to put it all to work for you!

Every path is different, so we’ll cater our time together to exactly what you need.

Regardless of where you are in your journey as an artist or a human in business (or both), we can work together to get clarity on what you need most to take that next right step. In our sessions, we’ll meet over Zoom (video) or over a cup of coffee, and we’ll work through the how and the what that’s going to help you take the next leap.

In your mentoring session, we might cover:

  • workflow + business operations

  • pricing + business models

  • discovering your creative cravings

  • big picture planning

  • balancing work + family

  • boundary setting

  • self-care + burnout

  • how to manage transitions with an open heart

  • post-shoot processing + editing

  • behind the lens skills (including on set during a session)

  • session + client management

  • whatever else we can dream up together


STEP 1: Let’s Chat!

Schedule a free discovery call. I’ll send you a wee questionnaire ahead of time to help prep for our conversation, and we’ll chat for 30 minutes or so about what you’re working on and towards.

STEP 2: Decide What Fits The Need Best.

During our chat, we’ll talk about all the things, and figure out how deep you want to dive. If it feels like a good fit, you can take the leap in one of three ways:

1 session, 90 minutes, $185

Feeling laser focused and ready to get right to work on that one thing that’s holding you back? Let’s start here! We’ll plan a quick follow-up call to see how things are going after our session too.

3 sessions, 60 minutes each, $450

You’re ready to dive in with a couple of things simultaneously, and you want the accountability, encouragement, and support that will help you do it. I’ll check in between calls and be here as a quick sounding board anytime you need it.

10 sessions, 60 minutes each, $1,150

You’re working through some really big picture evolutions in your work and your life, and you’re aiming high. I’ll check in between calls and be here as a quick sounding board anytime you need it.