newborn session at home: baby zion

Baby Zion came into the world at exactly the right time - born in the middle of a blizzard, he arrived two weeks early, on his grandfather’s birthday. His parents are dear friends of mine, and a group of us texted updates back and forth late into the night that night, waiting to hear word from the dad-to-be or the doula or the expectant aunt. When hours later a picture came through of a beautiful little boy and a happy, tired Momma, I cheered so loudly I woke up my own kiddo! Worth it.

I finally met little Z just a few short weeks later, when I photographed him and his parents Luke and Marcella in their Bridgeport rowhouse. We spent a few hours together, just soaking in the slow, magic pace of a newborn, of new parents, of a new life altogether. I love love love in-home sessions for newborns. There’s no agenda, no way that anything is expected to go, just for parents and baby to be together doing what everyone does with a newborn - diapers and feedings and snuggling and snacking, on repeat. Whether you’ve spent months arranging a beautifully designed nursery, or you’re just taking it a day at a time together, your home will never be just the same as it is in those first few weeks.

When my own son was born, we lived in a one-bedroom cottage, and we didn’t have a nursery. I think back to changing diapers on top of our dresser and that particular arrangement of my nightstand with special cards from friends and family and extra burp cloths and wipes, and even that one get-ready-for-baby book I was sure I’d have time to read.) 

Luke and Marcella’s house is simple and beautiful, with so many lovely details that helped to make up the story of Little Z’s life. From a handmade wall-hanging from a dear friend, to the white brick walls of his nursery (painted by Luke and Z’s Aunt Laurie in the months before he was born) I had so much fun capturing their life as a whole. As Zion rounds the corner to 5 months old, its so sweet to look back on just how tiny he was in these very same spaces!

In-home family session: the levys

Before I tell you anything else, let me tell you this: Alicia Levy has the coolest closest, the most sophisticated cat, and the best laugh of anyone I know. Full stop. She also happens to be a totally kickass photographer, who somehow makes magic out of thin air and fairy dust for every school portrait I’ve ever seen her take. I met Alicia because she took my own son’s school photos a few years ago, and she captured him in a way I’d never seen in a “school photo.” The images were so amazing, I had to send her a note and thank her (yes, they were so beautiful that she made me cry..those photographers, man.) Fast forward a few years and I’m so lucky to call this kind soul a friend. 

It’s always humbling when another artist wants to hire you for your work - and when she asked me to capture her family in their new home, I was so excited. Photographers - especially photographers who are mommas - have a really hard time getting in the frame, and I wanted to be sure that the images we made together reflected what a present parent and partner she is, and how much of herself she’s put into her new home. 

I know her son Jaxon from school, and this made our session all the more fun! We did all the things he loves to do inside and out, and I made sure there was time for Alicia and her husband David to spend some time just being together too. We often forget that before there was a family, there was a couple, and one of my favorite parts of family sessions is to create some intentional space for parents in front of my lens. It was so much fun to capture these three together - especially our barefoot in the yard bubble fest at the end!

newborn session at home: baby samuel

I met Becca and John a few years ago - though now I couldn’t quite tell you where or how. They’re part of a magical little creative community here in Bridgeport - John is a musician (go, now, and look up the band Oh Cassius) and Becca is one of those creative humans that can make anything, and make it look amazing. They’re classy and kind and generous beyond measure. And as if that wasn’t enough, Becca makes a mean donut - I know because I’ve probably had too many. 

I’ve had the pleasure of taking pictures for lots of parts of their lives - I’ve captured photos of those divine donuts for Becca’s donut truck, documented the renovation of their old Bridgeport home over the course of 6 months, and I had a total blast second shooting their wedding with my forever teammate (and total badass photog) Taylor Lenci. But by far, my favorite of all is taking newborn photos when their son Samuel Ryland arrived in early January. We spent a couple cozy hours hanging out in that very same old house they’d been renovating for so many months, and even got to sneak in a couple snuggly photos of Baby Sam with Becca’s parents.

Documenting newborns at home gives us the chance to capture all the wonderful new-ness of those first few days - new parents and new routines and new reminders to slow down together. It’s that weird, lovely vortex of time where you are meeting yourself and your partner as parents for the first time, over and over again. At the same time, this little being is filling up your home and your arms and your time in a magical way unlike any other person or thing before.  I love these sessions because there’s time to really settle in, to capture how a family learns to move together through spaces and challenges and joy.

And, it’s almost impossible to believe that little Sam is big enough now to sit up on his own! Those newborn days feel like forever ago, and just yesterday all at once, don’t they?