Sarah Polite | Ethos, Chapter 2

I'm so excited to be back with Chapter 2 of this project, and with a subject who is so damn fun. I first met Sarah at Monarch Workshop a handful of years ago—her joy literally permeated the air. She introduced herself as a food blogger way back then, but fast forward a few years and she's a beacon of light for self-care, kindness, and yes, magical adventures in food. There are so many things that inspire me about her ethos, but by far it's her ability to create the space for others around her to step into their own life's magic. I spent a few hours with her earlier this spring, exploring NYC's East Village and visiting some of her favorite spots, and talking about what it means to follow your calling. You know, just the light stuff. 

As we walked down a gorgeous little sun-filled alley (after demolishing two of the most amazing cupcakes I've ever eaten, from @cupcakemarketnyc), I asked her what she was here to do. As in, you're on the planet for a reason, right? She grinned and looked into the sky and said, "Aren't we all just here to shine?" Indeed we are, and oh how grateful I am for the reminder. Here's to your shining ethos, Sarah. 

(Find more of Sarah's adventures in food and life on Instagram. You'll be glad you did.)

Avery + Madelynn | Connecticut Family Session

These two sisters...oh be still my momma heart. I met Avery and Madelynn and their (amazing) parents Bryan and Emily for an in-home session early on a grey Sunday morning in April. Well, early for everyone else—I'm pretty sure these two had been up and twirling in their sparkly skirts for hours. Straight away, Bryan mentioned an endless pot of coffee that he'd keep hot for our whole session, Emily showed me a stack of ALL the books I love, and the girls wanted to show me every room in the house - I knew we were in for a gorgeous morning right from the start! I love in-home sessions, especially with kiddos, because almost everything feels better at home. It's where all the memories are already being made, and the moments that make up a family's story are lived out every day. It's special and sacred to be invited into that kind of space. And as if my time with them couldn't have gotten any more lovely, Emily is the founder of, a remarkable community for creative mompreneurs (confession: i'm totally inspired and still pretty starstruck by her badassery). I adore this family, and their wild joy for each other. Thanks for having me, loves!

Baby Bruno | Connecticut Family Session

I've had the total pleasure of getting to know this remarkable family over the last few years—after all, even the biggest city in Connecticut is a small world. Callie and Niels are generous beyond measure, and they love our community here in Bridgeport with a fierceness that is rivaled only by the love they have for their three boys. On one of the first chilly days of November, a few weeks after their littlest gent Bruno arrived, I hung out with this lovely bunch amidst dance routines (I had no chance against these boys), hot chocolate (just as good before you make it, clearly), and a raucous game of driveway soccer (Subarus are the best defenders, truth). I love in-home sessions—these are the moments that make up our days, the stories that carry us through our childhood and beyond, and the ordinary memories that years later are anything but. Callie and Niels, you are an inspiration—as people, as parents, and as a couple—and I'm so grateful we're in the same universe. xo!

Carrie + Keith + Halie | Connecticut Family Session

This session was so sweet for so many reasons. At this beautiful home in rural Fairfield County, CT, I had the chance to capture a family-to-be, the magic of a couple in love, the tenderness of a mother and daughter, and the biggest dog I've ever met (think small pony with paws, a whole lot of love to share, and you've got Lulu, the Great Dane.) On this blustery fall afternoon, I romped around in the leaves with Halie, her giant pup, and her soon-to-be-married mom Carrie, and her soon-to-be-stepdad, Keith. Lucky for us, the sun broke through after a cloudy morning, and I got to see these sweet humans love on each other in some magical light. Congratulations to all four of you!

Caitlin + George | Philadelphia Beloved Session

I first met sweet Caitlin at Monarch Workshop, and I was so excited when she sent me a note asking if I'd come to Philadelphia to capture her and her beloved, George. We met at an amazing old church/unofficial dog park (yep, you read that right) in South Philly, and romped and laughed with their two dogs Bruno and Zeus. Caitlin and George have the kind of energy between them that warms your entire being—an electric chemistry combined with a tenderness and joy for one another that is palpable. And man, do they have fun! Can't wait to catch up with these two the next time I'm back in the City of Brotherly Love. In the meantime, enjoy all this fantastic love right here. 

Bridgeport Blossoms | Ethos, Chapter 1

I'm so grateful to be surrounded by an amazing community of passionately creative people—people whose own ethos about the good and true that exists in the world inspire me beyond measure.  A few months back I had a crazy idea that I wanted to capture these people and what they do, and bring that magic out of its quiet corners for others to see and share in. It seems that now, more than ever, we need these simple, seemingly ordinary moments of possibility and passion infused into the rhythm of our days — at the very least, I know I do.  

And with that, I'm so excited to share the first installment of Ethos. 

Meet my sweet friend Faith of Bridgeport Blossoms. Her passion for urban gardens combined with her love of the Park City feels like an early morning mantra of potential for the growth of good in all of us. There is peace in the garden, and reverence in her care of it—even as wild and willful as it is. Her ethos makes me believe that we can all be new again today, even if coming from the same soil as the day before. More to come from Faith and Bridgeport Blossoms oh-so-soon. In the meantime, welcome to the garden.

(These magical moments were truly made possible by my incredibly talented soul sister Marcella Kovac, who takes her own stunning photographs, designs amazing things online and off, loves Bridgeport deeply, and most importantly created a vision for what this morning—and this project—could be in ways that inspire me beyond measure. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of it.)

Lucy Turns 1 | Philadelphia Family Session

Oh, this little love! Hard to believe that this wonderful girl is already a year old. You've seen Lucy's sweet face before–I've captured her and her amazing parents since she was in the womb. Such a total honor to be invited into Christy and Justin's home over and over again to document their lives—and how could I miss the princess crown and the smash cake! Makes me smile big to ponder that someday Lucy will look back on all of the images from her first birthday and think "1) I was so so loved and 2) man, I took that cake down like a pro!" Happy First Birthday, sweet Lucy! xo

Little Man Reid | Philadelphia Family Session

I met soon-to-be-2-year-old Reid and his sweet pup Sawyer on a gorgeous afternoon in September. After hearing his epic living room guitar solo, watching his kickin dance moves (to Adele of course), and cracking up over his completely contagious giggle, I asked if he might have an opening for a dice. Total bummer. Upside? This incredible little family read and snuggled and walked and loved and adventured together while I snapped away in their cozy home, and outside at a big old farm not too far away (because baby pigs, clearly). Happy almost birthday, Reid! 2 is gonna be big for you, little dude, I can feel it! 

Baby Jack | Connecticut Newborn Session

I met baby Jack when he was 12 days old, on a gorgeous-blue-sky September afternoon. No matter how many times I capture little ones so fresh and new (even after having one myself!), I still forget just how tiny they are in those first days! Tiny, amazing, miraculous little beings full of life and joy, with a remarkable ability to completely reorder your pre-parenthood priorities in the best ways possible. I loved the window of time I got to spend capturing Jack with his parents Ford and Abby (and let's not forgot Hudson, the coolest black lab ever), becuase new parents are just as incredible as their little ones. Here's to all things magical and new!

Lyndsay + Jesse | Connecticut Engagement Session

Sun, a clear blue sky, and real, palpable love—just a few of things any photographer wants for every session, no big deal. Somehow, magically, for this session I got all three. I met Lyndsay and her fiance Jesse in one of my favorite New Canaan spots on the most gorgeous September afternoon, and from the first hello, you could feel the connected energy between these two. The kindness, the gentleness, the genuine respect for one another just oozed out of them. This sweet couple is so special, and I can honestly say that I've never laughed or cried (the this-life-is-so-good-sometimes-overflowing-heart kind) quite so much during an engagement session as I did working with them that afternoon. Thank you, Lyndsay and Jesse, for sharing your story and your love with me, and I am so happy for the two of you!