Bridgeport Blossoms | Ethos, Chapter 1

I'm so grateful to be surrounded by an amazing community of passionately creative people—people whose own ethos about the good and true that exists in the world inspire me beyond measure.  A few months back I had a crazy idea that I wanted to capture these people and what they do, and bring that magic out of its quiet corners for others to see and share in. It seems that now, more than ever, we need these simple, seemingly ordinary moments of possibility and passion infused into the rhythm of our days — at the very least, I know I do.  

And with that, I'm so excited to share the first installment of Ethos. 

Meet my sweet friend Faith of Bridgeport Blossoms. Her passion for urban gardens combined with her love of the Park City feels like an early morning mantra of potential for the growth of good in all of us. There is peace in the garden, and reverence in her care of it—even as wild and willful as it is. Her ethos makes me believe that we can all be new again today, even if coming from the same soil as the day before. More to come from Faith and Bridgeport Blossoms oh-so-soon. In the meantime, welcome to the garden.

(These magical moments were truly made possible by my incredibly talented soul sister Marcella Kovac, who takes her own stunning photographs, designs amazing things online and off, loves Bridgeport deeply, and most importantly created a vision for what this morning—and this project—could be in ways that inspire me beyond measure. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of it.)