Baby Bruno | Connecticut Family Session

I've had the total pleasure of getting to know this remarkable family over the last few years—after all, even the biggest city in Connecticut is a small world. Callie and Niels are generous beyond measure, and they love our community here in Bridgeport with a fierceness that is rivaled only by the love they have for their three boys. On one of the first chilly days of November, a few weeks after their littlest gent Bruno arrived, I hung out with this lovely bunch amidst dance routines (I had no chance against these boys), hot chocolate (just as good before you make it, clearly), and a raucous game of driveway soccer (Subarus are the best defenders, truth). I love in-home sessions—these are the moments that make up our days, the stories that carry us through our childhood and beyond, and the ordinary memories that years later are anything but. Callie and Niels, you are an inspiration—as people, as parents, and as a couple—and I'm so grateful we're in the same universe. xo!