Baby Kayla | NYC Family Session

When I first met Katie and George (more than a handful of years ago), we were all southerners of a sort—transplants from some place up north, living in Atlanta. It was long before they (or I) had kids, before any of us thought about strollers or diaper changes or nighttime feeding schedules.  Fast forward almost a decade and a few thousand miles, and somehow magically we're back in the same 40 mile radius, this time comparing notes on naptime and baby books. I knew these two would be wonderful parents, and meeting their sweet baby girl Kayla for our family session was such a treat! We lounged around together at their home in NYC, and then walked up the street to the special restaurant that inspired Kayla's name to swap a few stories and take in the sunshine. I just adore these people, and I'm so glad they are close by again!