Sarah Polite | Ethos, Chapter 2

I'm so excited to be back with Chapter 2 of this project, and with a subject who is so damn fun. I first met Sarah at Monarch Workshop a handful of years ago—her joy literally permeated the air. She introduced herself as a food blogger way back then, but fast forward a few years and she's a beacon of light for self-care, kindness, and yes, magical adventures in food. There are so many things that inspire me about her ethos, but by far it's her ability to create the space for others around her to step into their own life's magic. I spent a few hours with her earlier this spring, exploring NYC's East Village and visiting some of her favorite spots, and talking about what it means to follow your calling. You know, just the light stuff. 

As we walked down a gorgeous little sun-filled alley (after demolishing two of the most amazing cupcakes I've ever eaten, from @cupcakemarketnyc), I asked her what she was here to do. As in, you're on the planet for a reason, right? She grinned and looked into the sky and said, "Aren't we all just here to shine?" Indeed we are, and oh how grateful I am for the reminder. Here's to your shining ethos, Sarah. 

(Find more of Sarah's adventures in food and life on Instagram. You'll be glad you did.)