the documented heart mentorship

Join me for 365 days of photo-taking, courage-making, life-creating exploration.



The Documented Heart Mentorship is a year-long interactive mentoring program, designed to support you in your daily journey through a 365 photography project with one-on-one and group coaching, easy-to-use online tools and resources via a private member site. This is an adventure, a call to mindfulness through creativity, exploring what it means to be fully present in our lives and in turn, fully present in our work.

Whether you’re a professional photographer looking for more depth and joy in your work, or a creative soul looking to document the beauty of your every day, together we’ll engage in a rich year-long conversation about truth-telling and the unfolding discovery of meaning through our photographs.

The mentorship is currently closed for enrollment but will reopen again for 2021 in mid-December 2020.


The Mentorship is designed to walk alongside you in your own daily 365 project, starting January 1 and ending December 31.

Together, we’ll start with a deep dive into your why, helping you articulate and refine why this project matters to you. We’ll define what will ground and guide you throughout the year – all before you ever take a single photograph.

As the year kicks off, you’ll receive weekly commitment tips and mindfulness inspiration delivered right to your inbox, monthly “office hours” via video call with Kristyn and fellow mentees to talk through shared experiences, access to online resources and easy to use tools to support your craft and your heart, and monthly one-on-one coaching calls with Kristyn for a chance to reflect and realign.

Things we'll explore together

  1. creating space for creativity through self-care
  2. living into your values
  3. intentional truth-telling
  4. self-compassion
  5. mindfulness, especially with device use
  6. making friends with challenging light
  7. ideation + follow-through
  8. composition + color
  9. printing + production

Who is the mentorship for?

Professional Photographers

You run a full or part-time creative business, and most of your work is for other people. You have the technical skills with a camera and a whole lot of experience, but you're looking for an anchor of more in your work and your life - more depth, more joy, more meaning.
Hobbyist Photographers

You pick up a camera just for you and your loved ones - you're the archivist for your family and friends. You're looking to practice your craft and capture the beauty of the life you're witnessing every day.
Creative Humans

You take pictures on your phone, and you're always paying attention to what's unfolding around you. You're feeling the pull of documenting it all, but looking for more purpose and more meaning in the images you capture.
The beauty of a 365 is that it doesn't matter what kind of gear you have, or how much experience you have taking photos. What matters is your commitment to be present to the life that is unfolding around you with purpose and attentiveness. Are you - daily - building a life that reflects what you want to see in the frame?

how to join me on this adventure

The Study-Along

  • 01.

    Commit to capturing 1 photo a day for 365 days (shared via the accountability channel of your choice).

  • 02.

    Join a 60-minute Q+A video call in mid/late December (2 dates will be offered) with other Study Along participants to learn how to identify your project “why”, set your creative boundaries, and ask questions about the project, its purpose, and the process.

  • 03.

    Receive a weekly email from me with inspiration and tips to help keep you going until the end of the year.

  • 04.

    Share your images on social media (if it feels right for you) with other Documented Heart participants using #thedocumentedheart365.

  • 05.

    The investment for the Study Along is a $10 monthly donation for 12 months to a non-profit that aligns with your personal values (you’ll provide a receipt at year’s end).

The Mentored Experience

  • 01.

    Commit to capturing 1 photo a day for 365 days (shared via the accountability channel of your choice).

  • 02.

    Join a 60-minute Q+A video call in mid/late December (2 dates will be offered) with other Mentored Experience participants to learn how to identify your project “why”, set your creative boundaries, and ask questions about the project, its purpose, and the process.

  • 03.

    Share your images on social media (if it feels right for you) with other Documented Heart participants using #thedocumentedheart365.

  • 04.

    Access to the Documented Heart Member Site – including the 365 Pre-Work Prep Sheet to define your personal goals, set your boundaries, clarify your priorities and values, and name your fears about embarking on your 365 photography project. New worksheets will be available each quarter to reflect and realign with your big-picture – along with lots of other goodies to cheer you on as you go.

  • 05.

    Monthly 20-minute 1-on-1 coaching calls with Kristyn to check-in about your project challenges, realign with your why and acknowledge your evolution as the year progresses (by video or by phone, scheduled at the end of each month).

  • 06.

    Monthly “office hours” video chats (60 minutes) with Kristyn and your fellow mentees to share experiences, ask questions, and celebrate your unfoldment.

  • 07.

    The investment for The 2020 Mentorship Experience is $1200.  A payment plan is available (12 monthly payments of $105).

How it started

I’ve done this before - a photo a day for 365 days in a row. It's a commitment - for your creativity, for your schedule, and for your loved ones. I know how it feels in the moments that seem overwhelming - when it's 10 pm and you can't possibly imagine taking a photo of anything - or how it feels when our inside selves are so fearful of showing and sharing something that we know matters deeply to us. What if it’s a terrible photo? What if no one else likes it? What if I just don't take that photo at all? These are the questions I asked myself over and over during my year-long project.

But I started to think - what if I'm capturing exactly how it feels for me to be in this moment? What if my work and my art are made better because I am simply, thoroughly present to the truth of the right now, and I'm doing it for myself because I said I would? And that, my friends, is when it all changed.
My 365 project shifted how I thought about creativity and meaning in our lives, and helped me better understand the power I have in my every day to purposefully create a life that reflects what matters to me. When I decided to commit to another 365 for 2020, I knew I had to open the way for others to experience the same thing. I’m your coach and fellow adventurer every step of the way, committed to walking alongside you while you show up for yourself, celebrating and delighting in what you uncover in every frame.


When does enrollment begin?

Enrollment for 2021 will open mid-December 2020. There will be a few events at the end of December for participants, so you'll want to enroll sooner rather than later. The program officially kicks off January 1.

What's the commitment?

You can choose to join me as part of the Study Along or the fully-immersed Mentored Experience - either way you're committing to a finished photo every day, shared via the accountability channel of your choice. Study Alongs will have access to some of the prepared materials throughout the course of the year, but the Mentored Experience provides the tools, resources, structure, and support for you to dive in and make the most of your commitment to yourself.

What's the investment?

Study Alongs invest with a monthly donation of $10 to a non-profit of your choice (I'll ask to see a receipt at the end of the year so we can celebrate all the good we've done together!) Mentees invest a total of $1200 for the year - which can be paid upfront or via 12 monthly payments of $100 (plus a $5/month fee to cover the credit card processing.)

What if I'm not a photographer?

Who decides if we're a photographer or not? That, my friend, is up to you! Whether you take photos for a living, for a side-hustle, or on your phone for fun, you are welcome here.

What if I don't like the mentorship?

If you've shown up on the prep calls, done the pre-project homework, and followed through with at least 20 out of 30 photos for the first 30 days and you still don't like it, I'll refund all of your dinero, no questions asked.

Are there any extra perks for the Mentored Experience?

We're working on some snazzy discounts to help you organize, save, and print your work through vendors that I love. More on this coming soon!

Are you doing a 365 too?

Yep, sign me up. I'm ready to go through this very same adventure all over again, and I'm so excited to do it alongside you. I'll be sharing my challenges, my fears, my aha moments, and my images with all of you as I go. It's going to get messy and real and all kinds of true.

What if I'm not ready to start on January 1?

I hear you, it's just around the corner! But sometimes starting is as simple as deciding that you're going to start. You can start a 365 project any day - maybe even today! The Mentorship starts on January 1 and runs for the 365 days of 2020, and is structured to support you through the hills and valleys of the journey during that window of time. If it doesn't feel right in your bones to join me this go-round, I'll catch you next year!