the documented heart: 100 days of summer

The life-changing 365-day photography mentorship, reimagined as a self-study course for your 100 Days of Summer.

So many of us struggle with the fear that we’ll never be enough.

That our photos aren’t good enough, and never will be.

That our real lives are too messy, too busy, and too hard to capture in the frame.

That we’ll never be the artist we’ve always dreamed of becoming.

But what if none of that were actually true?

What if taking a photo every day for 100 days could change it all?

One day at a time, The 100 Days of Summer course will help you build a portfolio of photographs that matter to you.
Become a better photographer

With tips and weekly inspiration, you'll improve your craft, no matter how experienced you are or what camera you use.
Discover the beauty in the life you're living

Use the principles I teach in the Coursebook and Workbook to help you tune in to your own inner awareness, uncover the magic in how you see your world, and understand all the ways you can capture it.
Find freedom and ease in your creative journey

A daily creative practice doesn't have to feel overwhelming. I'll teach you the process I've used each and every day, 500 days and counting.

What You'll Get

  • 01.

    The 100 Days of Summer Course: A gorgeous, downloadable 150-page Field Guide, the self-paced Course is filled with all the heart and soul of the year-long mentorship, reimagined to support you through the entirety of the 100 days of a summer photo journey. Weekly essays, technical teachings, inspirational tips, and simple mindfulness exercises will make this your go-to companion guide in your daily photo practice.

  • 02.

    The Printable Workbook: This 38-page workbook is your workhorse journal for the entire project. Download and print it before Day 1, and use the questions and prompts to define your personal goals for the project, set your boundaries, clarify your priorities and values, and name your fears about embarking on your 100-day project. Use the prompts in your Field Guide for a mid-project check-in and a final reflection in your Workbook as well, and you’ll have a beautiful archive of all of your growth as a creative human to go along with your images!

  • 03.

    Optional Coaching Add-On: If you’re looking for even more support on this journey, I’m here to help! Add one 60-minute coaching session as a touchpoint of your 100-day experience, or add one a month for all three months! I’ve coached 150+ creatives through this process, and I’m here to support you through it!

What you'll learn from the 100 Days of Summer

  1. finding ease in your creativity
  2. bettering your craft as a photographer
  3. creating in seasons of change
  4. making space for self-care
  5. living into your values
  6. intentional truth-telling
  7. building the muscle of self-compassion
  8. managing your mindset
  9. the cumulative power of showing up
  10. mindfully tuning into your intuition

It. Was. Amazing!!!

Taking a photo a day not only helped me find my creative voice, but it also deepened my photography skills, while also giving me a portfolio that I’m proud of. This project taught me to see – to see the beauty in the chaos, to see myself as an artist and to see and appreciate all of the ‘little’ moments that make life so big and grand.  It. Was. Amazing!!!

- Documented Heart Student

I am so grateful to have created this record of my life

No matter how I felt on any given day, I kept at it.  While no particular image feels all that significant, watching them add up to an entire year documented has been the most wonderful insight into how life’s little moments, which often go unrecognized, are as worth remembering as the major milestones. I am so grateful to have created this record of my life.  I am so grateful for Kristyn and the inspiration to take on this challenge.
- Documented Heart Student

The journey was so revealing

The act of taking a photo every day for a year was a challenge, but the end result was taking notice of the tiny moments around you and the myriad of feelings that surface throughout the day. I started the journey trying to perfect the craft of photography, but slowly learned that the journey was so much more important and revealing, and Kristyn’s guidance and mentorship was key as I unlocked the idea that photos don’t have to be perfect to have meaning.
- Documented Heart Student

Choose Your 100 Day Path

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100 Days of Summer Coursebook
Printable Workbook

Option 2: Best for the deep-divers

100 Days of Summer Coursebook
Printable Workbook
A 60-minute 1:1 mentoring session with me

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Want a sneak peek inside a few pages of The 100 Days of Summer Coursebook?

How it started

A daily creative practice is a commitment - for your creativity, for your heart, and for your schedule. I know how it feels in the moments that seem overwhelming - when it's 10 pm and you can't possibly imagine taking a photo of anything - or how it feels when our inside selves are so fearful of showing and sharing something that we know matters deeply to us. What if it’s a terrible photo? What if no one else likes it? What if I just don't take that photo at all? These are the questions I asked myself over and over during my first year-long project.

But I started to think - what if I'm capturing exactly how it feels for me to be in this moment? What if my work and my art are made better because I am simply, thoroughly present to the truth of the right now, and I'm doing it for myself because I said I would? And that, my friends, is when it all changed.
I first launched The Documented Heart as a year-long mentorship project, exploring the connections between our lives and our art through an evolving daily creative practice. Three years into coaching more than 150 other creatives through this practice, I'm still amazed at how much the discipline of showing up for daily creative work reveals for us, and within us.

The Documented Heart: 100 Days of Summer will guide you into this practice, and give you the tools to find confidence in your art and delight in your life. You can do this. You can discover the delight and freedom of making photographs that matter to you.

I can't wait for you to join me inside!

A very heartfelt thanks to Laurie Kovac for her design of the Course + Workbook, and to Marcella Kovac for her design of the Documented Heart logo.