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capturing the soulful magic of real life for families and couples of all kinds

Hello there, lovely!

I’m a (very caffeinated) momma, a suburban farmer and chicken lady, a lover of joy and poems and slow cozy mornings, and a total homebody. I help my clients savor the soulful, candid, real-life magic moments of their lives – from engagements, weddings, and elopements to the arrival of a new little one and all the family joy that comes with it. If you’re looking for a lifestyle and documentary photographer to capture those unscripted take-your-breath-away-at-their-simple-loveliness moments, I’m your girl. Let’s chat!

Are You Ready to Create Your Most Purposeful Creative Life?

You don’t need one more voice to tell you that everything is different in this season, because you know this in your bones already. But perhaps the reminder we all need is how to BE in this different time. Kinder, more intentional in our connections, more purposeful in our attention, more deeply present in our gratitude. I am never a fan of more for the sake of more, but more in this time feels less like scramble and hustle and more like a revelation and a delighting in what’s already here.

The truth is, we need more of YOU. Your light, your being, your creativity, your eyes and heart and truth and ideas in the world – whatever that looks like for you. Now is not a time to be shy with your gifts, or your joy, or your purposeful choosing to continue documenting your life just as it is, just as it feels for you. Even in such seemingly dark and uncertain times, YOU are the heart of our collective imagination.

As a coach, I’m here to help you find focus and clarity around how to take the next step — even in the midst of this totally new universe we’re living in. If there was ever a time to get to work on the vision you have for what’s possible in your life and your work, it’s right this minute.

moving moments

let me be a witness to the beautiful, unposed version of your life with the people you love, and I will prove to you that your story is magical and moving just as it is.