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capturing the soulful magic of real life for families and couples of all kinds

Hello there, lovely!

I’m a (very caffeinated) momma, a suburban farmer and chicken lady, a lover of joy and poems and slow cozy mornings, and a total homebody. I help my clients savor the soulful, candid, real-life magic moments of their lives – from engagements, weddings, and elopements to the arrival of a new little one and all the family joy that comes with it. If you’re looking for a lifestyle and documentary photographer to capture those unscripted take-your-breath-away-at-their-simple-loveliness moments, I’m your girl. I’m also a creative coach, and I work with photographers and entrepreneurs from all over the world on finding clarity, joy, and profit in their businesses.  Ready to get going? Let’s chat!

Introducing Kindred Collective

I’ve always wanted to have a space where creatives and entrepreneurs could gather – creative women especially – and make art. I wanted to create a space where I could work and shoot (everything from products to people), a space that I could open up to my local community and fellow creators too. I wanted it to be easy to work in, warm and inviting and accessible to all – with good natural light and a little bit of quirk too.

Hilariously, I found that perfect-for-me studio spot exactly a month before I had a baby…and Connecticut went into shelter-in-place. It’s taken longer than I would have liked to bring this space into being, but finally, here we are. I can’t wait to share this space with you!

The Documented Heart 365: 2021 Edition

What if taking a photo a day could change your life?

Maybe you’ve tried doing a 365 before and given up. Maybe you’ve always wanted to do it and you worried your images weren’t good enough – or your life wasn’t picture perfect enough.  Or maybe 2021 is the year you lean into your life and your art and discover just how remarkable it all already is, one photo at a time.

Are you building a life that reflects what you want to see in your frames? Join me in the Documented Heart for 365 days of photo-taking, courage-making, life-creating exploration, and I’ll help you dive deep into what you’re capable of creating.

Enrollment for the 2021 Mentorship is open for enrollment through Dec 31 2020, and the project officially kicks off January 1, 2021!


moving moments

let me be a witness to the beautiful, unposed version of your life with the people you love, and I will prove to you that your story is magical and moving just as it is.