family photography

documenting the honest soulful magic of real life for families of all kinds

Raising a family is hard. Taking photos doesn't have to be.

Raising kids is… crazy. And also this wonderful, weird rollercoaster of hard and magical. Family, in general, is kinda like that too, isn’t it? The places we make together, the spaces we come home to, the people we love more than everything.

How do I know? I’m a parent myself (with two wild little gents) and I’ve photographed over 250 families.

I make it fun and easy to document these seasons of life. Whether we’re in your home, in my studio, or in the great outdoors, I’ll help you feel comfortable and connected just by being yourselves, together– and I promise no one has to say “cheese”, ever.

I celebrate and welcome people, partners, and families of all kinds, colors, religions, and abilities.

who you are

  1. you appreciate the magic in the mess
  2. you want to remember the stories of your everyday
  3. you don’t care about having perfectly posed photos
  4. you love to play and be present together
  5. you delight in the details of what makes your family awesome
  6. you love to have fun and laugh with your people
  7. you want to remember the true stuff, not just the good stuff

What to expect

  • 01.

    We chat and make some plans. We’ll chat all about your hopes and dreams for your photos, and you’ll fill out a questionnaire so I can get to know your family before our session. You’ll also get my handy-dandy pre-session guide. The TL;DR = be comfy and you’ll all do great!

  • 02.

    We take some photos. I document families primarily at home and outdoors, but also in my natural light studio. No matter where we are, working with me is a super relaxed fun time. Even for the grumpy one.

  • 03.

    You remember this wild season forever. No one wants their kids to go through hard drives looking for family moments, right? Every collection available features a mix of digital images and tangible, printed products – making it super easy to delight in these photos over and over again on your walls and in your hands.

Session pricing


Session investment includes both your session fee + your post-session collection purchase.

Your non-refundable session fee is due at the time of booking to secure your date for your family’s session. Reach out below for detailed pricing and session options.

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Kind words from
the Gerhard family

Kristyn photographed our family the last two years and I’m so glad we found her. She is great at putting everyone at ease and I just love the moments she captures. With three kids and all that goes into planning a family photoshoot shoot; scheduling, avoiding nap times, what’s everyone going to wear… Kristyn really does a great job with making the process easy and that day fun. She is always available and great with suggestions. She also has a great questionnaire which actually helps ME remember the important reason we’re doing this… to capture our kids exactly as they are right now. I would highly recommend Kristyn Miller as a photographer.

Kind words from
the Cenatiempo family

I’m not even sure how to put into words how wonderful it was to work with Kristyn. I’ve always been the one to hide behind the camera so when it came to documenting the newest addition to our family, you can imagine my hesitation. Our little lady was barely 2 months and I had a body I was not comfortable with. Kristyn made me forget about my insecurities and was able to capture incredible moments with my family AND me. These are the moments I want to remember and Kristyn helped us capture them forever.

What if my kids act like... kids?

Bring it! Your kids can show up grumpy or joyful or tired or weepy and totally sugar high and we will still get great photos AND have a great time because I'm after your truth, not your perfect. My goal is to make a space for you and your loved ones to be yourselves together and create images for you that tell that honest story.

When is a good time to do a maternity session?

Most mommas-to-be like to do their session between 28 and 34 weeks, but it's all about when you feel good.

When is a good time to do a newborn session?

I'll document you and your loves as soon as you (and your partner) feel physically ready. This could be as soon as a day after arrival/adoption, and up to 4-6 weeks after. Everyone is different, and that's ok. If you are considering working with me to document your newborn, I highly recommend you book as soon as you can. While we won't choose a specific day ahead of time, we'll hold a spot for your session around your preferred date, and I typically book up for newborn sessions 2 months in advance.

Do you photograph extended families?

I’m happy to photograph all the people you call family, all together! Drop me a line to chat about what you're dreaming about for your people, and we'll go from there.
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Do you photoshop?

My goal is to make space for you and your loves to feel comfortable and at ease during our time together, so your honest selves shine through. I don't head swap or photoshop – because I really believe in celebrating the beauty of real life. The editing I do is more about making sure skin tones look as lovely as they do in real life and ensuring the textures of our session setting really come alive.

What if we need to reschedule?

We'll find a new date! There's no fee to reschedule your session if someone is under the weather or the weather itself is hinky unless it's super last minute. I'll do my best to get you back into the calendar within 2 weeks of our original date.

What are your COVID protocols?

Your comfort is super important to me. I'm fully vaxxed + boosted, and happy to mask if you'd like during our at-home or studio session. Don't hesitate to ask if you have specific health or safety-related questions in preparation for your session.

We've never had photos taken and I'm nervous about...everything!

Take a deep breath, you're not the only one that feels this way! Getting kids and partners and the family dog ready to go (and maybe even on time) is hard – I totally get it. I'll help you prep ahead of time so you know just what to expect when we're together, and no matter what happens during our session all you have to worry about is spending time together and having fun. I'll take care of the rest, I promise!