a black man and woman canvas neighbourhoods, educating them on how important it is to vote to have your voice heard! Image by Kristen Miller

faith acts for education

photojournalism for community activism

A handful of years ago when I first starting shooting professionally, I was lucky enough to get connected with Faith Acts for Education—an incredible organization whose mission, as people of all different faiths, is to come together to change the shape of education in Bridgeport, CT. I’ve been so fortunate to photograph so many milestone occasions for Faith Acts—events, family dinners, public actions, voter canvassing, even their staff portraits.

Every time, I come away deeply moved by their commitment to bettering our community and deeply inspired by their hard work and their faith.

I have loved so many of the photos I’ve captured while working for the team at Faith Acts that I decided I needed to share at least a few. I pulled together a handful of favorite images from a few events over the last couple of years to share —images that help to tell the story of this amazing group of people and their dedication to their work.

Groups like these are vital to our community—and it’s so important that we get to see the work they are putting in day-in and day-out to mobilize voters and hold elected officials accountable at the local and the state level for their election cycle promises.

What’s most moving to me in working with Faith Acts is the herculean effort that this small team has dedicated to changing hearts and minds. Not only have they become one of the leading voices in education reform in Bridgeport, they’ve done it by enabling on-going grassroots action from members of the community during each election cycle. They have worked tirelessly to engage Bridgeport citizens in the belief that each vote matters, and that no matter the odds, it’s worth it to educate oneself on the issues, the candidates, and the stakes.

Working with Faith Acts is always an opportunity to be truly photojournalistic and documentary-minded about what I get to capture.

Every event is rich with connection and a passionate dedication to the cause, and it means there’s always a story unfolding. It’s groups like Faith Acts (and the incredible full-time and volunteer team) that serve as a reminder of what is possible when citizens are committed to a cause and a vision. While there’s still so much work to be done to better support the children and families in Bridgeport, it’s been such a pleasure documenting their journey thus far.

If you’re a part of a non-profit and you’re interested in working together to capture your organization’s story, I would love to work with you. Let’s chat!