waterside engagement session

faviene + felipe

Let’s be honest: a good stylist is hard to find. Like, really hard to find. When I met Faviene a couple years ago (yep, I was sitting in her stylist’s chair while she worked her magic) I think I might have heard angels singing in the rafters. Sitting in that very same chair, I’ve heard all the stories about her classy gent Felipe, the house they bought together, the puppy they both totally adore (more on him later), and all the details as they’ve planned for their September wedding. I was so excited when Faviene asked me to shoot an engagement for them (and if we’re honest I’ll admit that I didn’t say yes until I knew that Oliver the dog was coming too.)

We met at one of my most favorite local spots – St Mary’s by The Sea in Black Rock. The weather was magic, Felipe and Oliver were both wearing bowties, and Faviene looked like a dream brought to life. It was a total delight to be with these three that night, and I’m so excited about the images we captured together! I’m starting to think maybe every four-legged family member should wear a bowtie, pretty much all the time.

Here’s a secret – my favorite part of this session isn’t the magic light, or her gorgeous dress, or his dapper (monogrammed) button-down. It’s them. Settling in to each other and just being themselves. Almost every couple I shoot starts out our sessions by saying “we’re SO awkward in front of the camera” and by the end, we’re all laughing and crying and just having a damn good time. Whether you’ve had your photo taken a million times or you’ve never been in front of a lens bigger than an iPhone, it’s all good.  All you have to be is you, together, and as Felipe and Faviene proved on that lovely summer night, that’s more than enough to make some magic together.