family session outdoors

the cepeda family

I met the Cepeda’s last summer when we did an extended family session at Waveny Park, one of my favorite spots in Fairfield County. Truth be told, I love family sessions that include grandparents! I am super close to my grandparents, and any time there’s s a chance for kids to be photographed with more than one generation I’m totally game. We had a gorgeous night to play together, and this whole family was so much fun.

What I love most about extended family sessions is creating the space for the various relationships to unfold themselves. Who is really closely knit? Who likes to be independent in the group? Who takes charge and keeps the whole rodeo together? And, most importantly for my heart, what is it about the adult couples in the family (parents, grandparents) that is really special to the family’s generations-long story?

I loved my time with this bunch – the light was magical that night, and I might have laid in the grass more than once to get a shot just because it smelled so perfectly summer-ish. Summer evenings feel a little far away now (because sometimes it takes months to blog a session!) but this one still lingers in all the right ways.