family session outdoors

the cretellas

Sometimes running a business and raising a kiddo can feel totally overwhelming. Some days I feel it a hundred times over! There are so many great resources (and ways) out there to find and feel supported and encouraged and one of my most favorite is Motherhustle is a totally honest, inspirational community started by Emily Cretella, a CT neighbor and badass entrepreneur in her own right. Emily and I connected last year when she needed some images for the soon-to-be-launched Motherhustle community – I got to hang out with her super fun family in their North Haven home for a few hours on a spring Sunday morning. There was endless coffee, legos, couch jumping, piano playing, and yes, even glitter. My kind of session!

When Emily reached out this year to do another session with her kiddos, we decided it might be fun to capture all that magical energy her daughters have in the sunshine. The Yale University campus is a special spot for Emily and her husband Bryan and I love shooting in New Haven, so we made a date to meet in one of my favorite green spots on the campus – near the School of Music. Lots of people think you need tons of room and endless green for a fun outdoor session, but add in a college campus with gorgeous old architecture and you’ve got some really great opportunities to use line and shape alongside light to create beautiful images of a family being their wild, joyful selves.

We lucked out – the weather was gorgeous, the kiddos were ready to go, and Emily even brought cupcakes for the girls as a post-session snack! I think I’ll add that one to my client prep guide…

I love this family, and I love the way they love too. It was such a joy to capture them two years in a row – and to celebrate how much the girls have grown up since last year’s session!