mom and dad hang out with their toddler daughter in her bedroom, laying on the floor and giggling together for Kristyn Miller Photography

spring family session at home

the hill family

Let’s be clear: I love a good spring family session at home, especially with a wee, adorable, feisty little lady like Esme! 

This little girl is so full of life in all the ways! She’s a sweet little whirlwind with a dash of celebrity spice. During our session, she busted out her epic dance moves to more than one Queen classic, worked a few different outfits, modeled her modern glam sunglasses moves in the mirror, and pretty much owned the room—EVERY room. 

Her parents, Belinda and Jeremy, are a laugh riot too, and I loved their house! Jeremy is an architect who designed their house with SO much space and natural light that I kind of wished I lived there with them! It was just so bright and inviting—a perfect place to just play and enjoy each other. 

As I always do with my families, I encouraged Belinda and Jeremy and Esme to just hang out, do what they do, and just be and I am so in love with their truth that shines through their images. We spent their entire spring family session rolling through the normal, everyday motions of life with a toddler—dance parties, snack time, outfit changes, playtime—complete with hugs, big belly laughs, a few scrunchy-face moments, and some big, bursting love.  

Confession: I shot this session last March, but even in looking back over these images a year later, I can still see that this was such a super special time for this family! I’m also really excited to be capturing them again in the early summer when their second kiddo arrives! I can’t wait to see how Esme has grown, and how their family dynamic has evolved with the addition of a new little one!


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