white mom kisses her adopted black daughter's toes while little girl makes a funny face at the camera during this family session at home with Kristyn Miller

family session at home:

the alward family

Oh this family session at home was so sweet. Wait until you see Jill—this special mama with her giant heart and huge smile—and her hilarious and squishable twin loves. Not kidding! They had us in stitches with their zest for life and energy.

I first met Jill through a model call—and I’m so glad that I did! She is a rockstar of a momma in all the ways, and an incredibly kind soul too. As a foster mom, she’s cared for so many littles in need and there is something seriously special about people who open their hearts and homes to children who need love, nurturing, and stability.

I captured Jill at home with her (then foster, now adopted) twins, and it was such a treat. Both her kiddos are full of joy and life and their love for each other was so sweet to capture. Did you know that quite often young kiddos feel the most comfortable being photographed at home, especially when they are a little shy of strangers? Being at home helps everybody feel relaxed and eases them into the idea of being photographed. 

And here’s the thing about candid, relaxed sessions at home: you have permission to be totally you! We’re in your space, with the things that matter most to you and, the more at home you are and the more you’re able to relax into just being together, the more honest and truthful your photos will be. 

I’ve had the privilege of photographing Jill and her little loves a few times since this session, and every time I’m with them it’s so, so evident that they love each other deeply. We played on the beach together last summer—man these two can play hard in the sand!—and I was lucky enough to witness their adoption hearing a few weeks later (a blog to come about that soon too!)

I’m always so humbled when a family invites me into their spaces to capture who they are together, and to be asked to do it again and again with the same family is one of the most heartfelt gestures of trust and kinship I can think of!


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