late fall wedding in new york

paul + katie

Paul and Katie’s late fall wedding in South Salem, New York at Le Chateau  was exactly the real-life fairytale they were hoping for! Le Chateau is a beautifully built old estate where the architecture and landscape tells a story all its own, but on this gorgeous late fall day, this stately, expansive, and absolutely stunning venue was nothing compared to the strength and glow of Paul and Katie’s love for each other and their combined family. 

Can we just take a minute to talk about Katie’s style—it was so old world Paris and it fit so perfectly with the decor of Le Chateau. The estate is a place that lets a photographer get super stealthy about angles and moments with so many vantage points from which to capture a scene as it unfolds. The suite where Katie got ready was such a picture perfect example of this — big old mirrors everywhere, with delicate late-century furniture. It was such a treat to be a fly on the wall while her family helped her get dressed for this late fall wedding and one of my fave shots from the day was taken as she caught a first glimpse of herself in the mirror with her beautiful hat all ready to go. So so classic and completely elegant.

Katie and Paul decided not to see each other before their ceremony and, to make their day super special, Katie’s son and daughter and Paul’s son made up the bridal party. The grand ballroom that they got married in had the most gorgeous afternoon light streaming through the windows too. I loved watching all their guests file in, and listening to the talented jazz duo’s amazing live sound fill in and around everyone.

 Katie’s kids walked her down the aisle, which was SUPER special. Paul was so touchingly overwhelmed with emotion and totally cried (one of my favorite shots) and it made Katie beam brighter than the afternoon sunlight streaming in through the huge bank of windows. Pure magic. I’m always happy to honor the space a couple chooses for their vows, but it seemed so apropos that the space that they chose so perfectly amplified the light of their love.

Post ceremony was one of the loveliest, most laid-back parties I’ve ever been to — so much delicious food and old friends catching up after years apart with everyone gathered around the huge, cozy fireplace in the middle of the reception room. 

Another of my favorite moments was during Paul and Katie’s first dance when I was able to get up a bit higher than their guests and, for a moment, it seemed as though Paul and Katie were truly the only ones in the room, even though they were surrounded by so many of the people they love. 

It was such a real delight to witness this late fall wedding. I love it SO much when I am given the honor of photographing many couples who have found such real, deep love the second time around and Paul and Katie are such beautiful examples of that!